Our career and business mentorship and coaching programs in supply chain disciplines is focused on enhancing professional development of Supply chain specialists, Young professionals and Entrepreneurs .

Our programs are structured to develop both the soft and technical competency gaps as well as align upskilling to the opportunities that adds value to future business growth. By doing so, skills and capacities are developed to create sustainability and reduce organisational reliance on non-value adding consulting.

Supply Chain Champ Program
  • The supply chain world is dynamic and full of challenges, which amounts to most supply chain experts faced with various pressurizing challenges due to the nature of their jobs.
  • The profession can also be lonely, stressful with some form of manipulation. We coach and mentor professionals in Procurement, Transportation (road, rail, marine, and aviation), Warehousing and Clearing & Forwarding, building their competencies to remain effective and be able to manoevour around such challenges and have world class skills.
Young Professionals Booster Program
  • This program is designed to support students and young professionals in supply chain to have a productive and rewarding career paths and to also boost their entrepreneurial aspirations.
  • We create an environment for them to have a holistic view of their environments through industry rotations, career coaching, experiential training, thereby building their technical skills for them to learn and develop, whilst developing industry capacity
Industry Enhancer Program
  • Our Enhancer program is for Entrepreneurs, both small and medium businesses to equip with various industry skills to grow and sustain their business.
  • We support our Clients to understand the supply chain world (Procurement, Contracting, and Logistics etc), Industry Intelligence, competitiveness, and understanding of their eco systems, build technical skills and pitching their businesses to the right audience etc.

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